The German Tea Association


Knowledge and Mission. The German Tea & Herbal Infusions Association
Welcome to the German Tea & Herbal Infusions Association in Hamburg!

Emerged from the German Tea Association and the German Herbal Infusions Association, we just started representing the interest of our members in 2020 as an association with an already long tradition in creating transparency in all aspects of tea and infusions.

What unites us is the fascination of an incomparable culture. What drives us is the potential of this unique food.

Let yourself be inspired by our passion for tea and infusions. On the following pages you will discover substantial information, current market data, scientific studies and a variety of tips for connoisseurs and infotainment.

The Association

Competence in a nutshell. German Tea & Herbal Infusions Association
Emerged from the German Tea Association and the German Herbal Infusions Association our new association is the new competence centre for tea and infusions.

Based on our unique know-how about tea and herbal infusions, it is our goal as an association to approach, inform and inspire the public with the world of tea and infusions: an almost limitlessly diverse universe of enjoyment with its scientific facts and interesting backgrounds.

We see tea and herbal infusions as natural foods with a long history as well as part of a pleasure-oriented lifestyle – a unique combination of traditions and trends.

Global progress at the centre of interest
Located in Hamburg, the European tea capital, we act as a new association with a long tradition right at the heart of the latest developments and scientific findings. Here, we bring together what belongs together: the knowledge about tea and infusions of the German Tea Association and the German Herbal Infusions Association.

Our common goals are to expedite quality assurance, consumer protection, progressive standards in the countries of origin, thereby to positively influence the entire market from the producer to the consumer – in Germany, throughout Europe and worldwide!

Please contact us. Just like good tea and herbal infusions, we are happy to share our knowledge and enthusiasm with you!

Executive Board

Members of the board from left to right
Front: Christian Lange, Annemarie Leniger, Frank Schübel, Dr. Thomas Henn
Back: Robert P. Scheibler, Mathias Koop, Frank Braun, Ralf Janecki

Frank Schübel (Chairman)
Teekanne GmbH & Co. KG, (Düsseldorf)

Christian Lange (Vice Chairman)
Martin Bauer GmbH & Co. KG (Vestenbergsgreuth)

Annemarie Leniger (Vice Chairlady)
Ostfriesische Tee Gesellschaft GmbH & Co. KG (Seevetal)

Ralf Janecki (Treasurer)
Hanseatic Tea Export GmbH (Bremen)
geschäftsführender Gesellschafter

Frank Braun
Hälssen & Lyon GmbH (Hamburg)
Leiter Tee-Einkauf

Dr. Thomas Henn
Ulrich Walter GmbH (Diepholz)

Mathias Koop
Wollenhaupt Tee GmbH (Reinbek)

Robert P. Scheibler
J. Fr. Scheibler GmbH & Co. KG (Hamburg)
Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter



Dr. Monika Beutgen

Secretary General

Maximilian Wittig

Secretary General

Kyra Schaper


Dr. Julia Biller

Manager Scientific Affairs

Cordelia Kraft

Manager Scientific Affairs

Christina Claußen

Staff Member

Christiane Hillesheim-Behrens

Staff Member

Susanne Frank

Staff Member

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