The German Tea Association

Objects of The German Tea Association:
The task of the association is to safeguard and promote its members' particular interests relating to the import, manufacture, packaging and/or marketing of tea (Camellia sinensis, Linnaeus, O. Kuntze) in all its varieties and forms of presentation at practical and political level.

Focus of activities:
The German Tea Association focuses on issues relating to food law, quality control and nutritional aspects of tea.

Main food law issues are: Labelling, compounds in tea, flavourings and extracts, specifications for organic food, Guidelines of the „Deutsches Lebensmittelbuch" for tea, herbal infusions, extracts and preparations thereof.

Quality control issues are of central importance and are handled in close co-operation with the tea producing countries. The German Tea Association has adopted a Code of Practice for Quality Control to which all members have committed themselves. This Code contains guidelines for sampling and minimum requirements for analysing tea for pesticide residues. The association regularly monitors tea for residues of plant protective substances and has set up a comprehensive data base for this purpose.

In addition, the association disseminates information on all aspects of tea and latest market developments.

37 full members and 22 associate members.

Market data 2017

Total consumption (tons):

Per capita consumption (litres):
approx. 27.5

Report English

Report German

The association

Jochen Spethmann
Messrs. Ostfriesische Teegesellschaft GmbH & Co. KG

Secretary General:
Maximilian Wittig, state certified food chemist

In-House Counsel:
Dr. Monika Beutgen, attorney at law

Scientific Department:
Dr. Julia Biller, state certified food chemist,
Cordelia Kraft, M.Sc. nutritional sciences

Public Relations Manager:
Kyra Schaper

Personal Assistants:
Christina Claußen, Christiane Hillesheim-Behrens

Additional information

The German Tea Association is a member of

  • Tea & Herbal Infusions Europe (THIE), Hamburg
  • Bund für Lebensmittelrecht und Lebensmittelkunde e.V. (BLL), German Federation for Food Law and Food Science, Berlin
  • Forschungskreis der Ernährungsindustrie e.V. (FEI), Research Association of the German Food Industry, Bonn
  • Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V. (DIN), German Institute for Standardization, Working Group on Tea, Berlin
  • Association for Wholesale and Foreign Trade - WGA Hamburg e.V.
  • German Herbal Infusions Association
  • German Professional Association of Nutritional Science and Home Economics (VDOE)

Scientific Research

The "Tea and Science" bulletin (W.I.T.) is issued by the German Tea Association once a year and presents latest research and essays on nutritional aspects, health benefits, history and social aspects of tea. Summaries of all articles in English are available.